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Canada June 2016

WP_20160609_15_48_10_RawEngland Counties toured Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto and I joined them along with Brian White.  This is a collection of blogs that I wrote about the tour with links to pictures, videos and match reports.

The two week trip was my first visit to Canada and I was very taken with the country.  The scenery in British Columbia in the West was beautiful and includes the breathtaking Rockies, while the trip to Niagara Falls was a must do event.  I had the added bonus of being able to visit my aunt and cousins in Toronto, some of whom I had never met.

InstagramCapture_842c3a6c-f65e-40f6-86a7-996c9853f41cThe people are very friendly and very law-abiding, waiting for the green man before crossing the road even if there isn’t a car in sight.  The big surprise for me was the amount of craft beer that is brewed in Canada, and we tried as many as we could.  West Coast IPA is a very popular genre but there was a huge variety ranging from Pilsners to Stouts.  The food was a little less inspiring although I tried a traditional poutine which is effectively cheesy chips covered in gravy.

I’ve tried to include a bit about the country in with the rugby in my articles but any feedback is always welcome.

England Counties (and Eastern Counties) in Canada

A Canadian adventure begins

An afternoon to see Vancouver

Game 1: BC Bears v England Counties

Road trip to Calgary

Calgary and the Prairie Wolf Pack

Toronto, Niagara and Ontario Blues


A link to all the pictures taken by me and Brian, plus those taken by Andrew Sawatsky in Calgary


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