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Driving Rugby Forward – YRA Conference 2016

LWP_0436This year’s Young Rugby Ambassadors’ Conference was held in Birmingham and I was asked by organiser Jenny Box to take part along with Louise Latter from Middlesex RFU and a number of RFU staff.  About 60 YRAs from around the country turned up and Jenny introduced the day then asked me to say a few words, which to my surprise seemed to go down quite well.

The YRAs were split into two groups, one of them having a presentation about the v-inspired programme, a youth volunteering charity that provides volunteering opportunities for 14 to 25 year olds and which supports the YRA project.  More information is at vinspired.com

The other group were put through a series of Apprentice style tasks with yours truly taking the Lord Sugar role.  I got into character and had Karren and Claude as sidekicks.  The group was divided into groups of three to six people and they all trouped into the boardroom for a briefing.  They were given 90 minutes to complete six tasks starting with electing a chair and coming up with a name, logo and motto for their club.  After 10 minutes I blew a whistle and each group had fifteen seconds to get someone to my boardroom to collect the next task which involved setting up a committee and allocating roles of Hon Secretary, President, etc.

Ten minutes later the whistle would go again and a third task would be given, this time to have a two committee meetings during the session and so on until they had a total of six tasks, many of them running concurrently.  This is to give a sense of what it is like to keep several balls in the air at once and the pressure to prioritise.  The video at the end gives a good idea of how the day went.

lwp_0534The conference finished with YRAs being presented with certificates and various items of stash, varying from beanies and polos  to jackets depending on how may volunteering hours they had recorded.

I have seen some of the candidates since the conference and they all said what a good time they had and learnt something about running a club.  I certainly had a great day.

Link to some great pictures from the day courtesy of Leo Wilkinson Photography




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