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When sport stops at nothing

Here is an interesting and thoughtful piece about the Joe Marler incident during the England v Wales game:

Double Dummy Scissors

It’s difficult to ignore. I’ve tried to; rugby has got itself into an awful mess of late. The fallout from the England Wales game has certainly marred an England team gearing itself up for an impressive Grand Slam. No wonder Eddie Jones got angry with the whole situation. A team playing good rugby has got lost amidst the furore.

The furore is tricky. And I am not about to attempt to unravel it. You will have read the column inches about Joe Marler and his mouth. You will have read even more about how the RFU has dealt with it.

I have, however, spoken to police officers and criminal lawyers about such offences, to try and understand why what happened happened. Like you, I was puzzled when the RFU released its findings on Marler calling Samson Lee ‘gypsy boy’: nothing, came the stern reply. I wanted to know how they…

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One response to “When sport stops at nothing

  1. Ian 'Spike' Milligan 23 March 2016 at 10:06 am

    So, is it ok? It might not have had an “IP” or whatever else this article is suggesting but does that mean it’s right? Sure you can argue that this happens on many pitches across the country but there aren’t microphones and TV cameras picking them up.
    You could say “Well it’s banter, sledging….” or whatever else you want to call it.
    Banter is just a name given to cover up abuse in this context and one which is creeping into the game at grassroots levels. I spend a less than enjoyable Saturday afternoon running touch and listening to what passed as “banter” from a group of individuals who given their club roles should have known better.
    But, in my opinion, and I’m aware that’s not much of an issue for the RFU, there are 5 core values that the game is supposed to hang it’s hat on. Two of them – RESPECT & DISCIPLINE have been thrown away under Eddie Jones (at least for the Elite team) so maybe the fact this is happening in the game at our level isn’t a surprise.
    Just because something isn’t “wrong” / illegal in the context of the article referred to, it doesn’t mean it’s right.


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