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Adult Competition Review – Update

It is almost a year since I wrote about the RFU’s Adult Competitions Review (read about it here) which was subsequently passed by Council in June.  An update was issued to clubs this week but as internal club communications are not always as efficient as they should be I have published the information here on my blog too.

Read the Update here

The Update gives details of Cup competitions for clubs from Levels 5 to 10 with prize money available for the first time since the 2008/9 season.  And the money on offer isn’t insignificant with the Level 5 Cup paying clubs £1500 for competing in the pool stage and the first round of the subsequent knockout stage even if they lose all their games.  There are more payments for each of the following three rounds and the Cup finalists will earn an an extra £2500 each.

Even the lowest level Cup competition will see clubs that lose their first round Cup and Shield games be paid £300 with the reward for Cup finalists a game at Twickenham and a £1500 payout.

Travel allowances are much more generous with £200 being paid for round trips of between 50 to 100 miles up to £600 for trips of over 250 miles plus a contribution towards accommodation for the very longest trips.

At Level 5 the cup competition is compulsory which I know will not meet with the approval of all, whereas at lower levels it is voluntary.  This could prove a challenge as Cup competitions have become increasingly unpopular with clubs at lower levels, a problem I wrote about in 2012 (read the article here) but it may be that the lure of prize money and travel payments may encourage more to take part.

Have a read through the update and comments are as ever welcome either here on on Facebook.


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