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Revised Eastern Counties Leagues for 2014/15



Following my last post about next season’s Eastern Counties Leagues there was a considerable amount of feedback from clubs and players.  To their credit, the Competitions committee under the Chairmanship of John Mackay took the comments on board and after meeting again they have come up with a revised structure.

Eastern Counties Two and Three are both split three ways North, South and West, so clubs in Cambridgeshire won’t find themselves travelling to play teams in North East Essex as in the previous version, although there will be some games in Suffolk.  The new structure also avoids teams from the same club playing each other.  Eastern Counties One and Eastern Counties Four North and South are unchanged.

There may be one or two small adjustments to come but I think that John Mackay’s committee should be congratulated for listening to clubs and coming up with a solution that should be acceptable to most taking part.

You can read the amended draft competitions rules by clicking here

You can read the letter being sent to clubs by clicking here

You are welcome to comment at the end of the article or on Facebook or on Twitter or by contacting John Mackay directly.


Eastern Counties OneWisbech
Ipswich YM
Mersea Island
Eastern Counties Two
Harwich & Dovercourt
Colchester 2
Ipswich 2
Ipswich YM 2
Stowmarket 2
Eastern Counties Two
Broadland Gt Yarmouth
Norwich Medics
Norwich Union
Diss 2
Holt 2
Norwich 2
West Norfolk 2
Eastern Counties Two
Mildenhall & Red Lodge
Bury St Edmunds 3
Saffron Walden 2
Cambridge Exiles
Haverhill & District
Shelford 4
Cantabrigian 2
March Bears
Eastern Counties Three (South)Harwich & Dovercourt 2
Colchester 3
Sudbury 2
Woodbridge 2
Thurston 2
Halstead Templars
Clacton 2
Mersea Island 2
Stowmarket 3
Eastern Counties Three (North)Beccles 2
Wymondham 2
North Walsham 2
Lowestoft & Yarmouth 2
Diss 3
UEA Trojans
Holt 3
Crusaders 2
Wisbech 2
Broadland Gt Yarmouth 2
Eastern Counties Three (West)Royston 2
Newmarket Development
Ely Development
Saffron Walden 3
Cambourne Exiles
Wendons Ambo
Shelford 5
Cantabrigian 3
St Ives 2
Eastern Counties Four (South)Hadleigh 2
Brightlingsea 2
Bury St Edmunds 4
Mistley 2
Haverhill & District 2
Colchester 4
Essex University Cavalry
Sudbury 3
Ipswich YM 3
Eastern Counties Four (North)Wymondham 3
Swaffham 2
Lakenham Hewett
Norwich Medics 2
West Norfolk 3
Thetford 2
Southwold 2
Norwich 3
Watton 2
Norwich Union 2
Fakenham 2
Broadland Gt Yarmouth 3

8 responses to “Revised Eastern Counties Leagues for 2014/15

  1. Simon Vale 23 May 2014 at 7:26 pm

    Great to see that EC saw that the league’s weren’t quite right and made changes. Stowmarket shouldn’t have been in the north league when they are just 15 miles away from Ipswich and Ipswich YM, yet roughly just as far north as Cambridge. Now that’s changed EC2 and 3 follow roughly the merit league structure already

    Also pleased to see Thorpeness and Halstead finally get there chances to play amongst the other 1XVs – I know Thorpeness had been wanting to for ages – good luck guys!

    An idea that would probably never work – but what about a Universities cup next year? UEA Trojans v University of Essex Cavalry would be interesting to see, and would also perhaps encourage Anglia Ruskin and UCS to get involved a little more in the rugby scene in the region.


  2. spike 25 May 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Feel a bit sorry for Southwold 2. Not sure how they fit as “North” in EC4. All the other fixtures are reasonably local but to get to them is 120+ mile round trip for us and others will be more. From their point of view their shortest journey will be 60 mile round trip. Ipswich, Colchester, Haverhill are all closer to them than any one of the trips they will be taken. That said enjoy going to Southwold but it the idea was to restrict or reduce the traveling then for that one example maybe the solution wasn’t the ideal one.


    • Andrew 25 May 2014 at 4:29 pm

      I’m pretty sure that Southwold 2 played in the Norfolk Merit Tables for the past few seasons so the travelling should be about the same.


      • spike 25 May 2014 at 6:57 pm

        Agreed, they have been. But thought one (obviously not all) of the reasons was to reduce travelling.


  3. Connor Morris 31 May 2014 at 1:24 pm

    Will there be a league for the youth teams?


    • spike 2 June 2014 at 3:18 pm

      Given the RFU’s blueprint for rugby leagues would look to be the last thing which happens for youth rugby. The proposals are looking at 10 aside at U13 on half a pitch, more training weekends than currently happening and only getting to 15 aside around the U16 age group.
      That said I wouldn’t want to see league rugby for youth teams anyway. Think that would be the worst thing for player development, but that is only my opinion and I understand others have a different view. That said I also think the blueprint rugby ideas are likely to have a very negative impact on clubs if they go ahead.


      • Simon Vale 4 June 2014 at 10:09 am

        I think that while Leagues aren’t a very good option. The current way isn’t either. Certainly in Suffolk the Plate and Cup structure means that once you get to U14 or U15 – when the players want to compete – if you are in the Plate – you don’t have anything to play for after Christmas. Players want to play alot of the time and lots of training weekends aren’t going to do much for clubs. Personally, for U16s and Colts – I think League rugby should be adopted. After Christmas this would work well for the U16 sides knocked out of the Suffolk Plate – and to be honest at Colts rugby – you should be treated like Adults anyway.


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