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Should Hartley have been sent off?

When Dylan Hartley was sent off just before halftime during the Premiership final it precipitated a lot of discussion on Twitter and in the stadium.  I was watching from the North Stand as a neutral with Saints and Tigers fans all around me, none of us with the benefit of RefLink, and we guessed that he had been dismissed for referee abuse but we didn’t know what he had said. However, when I popped to the Gents there was one person who was insistent the it was only a yellow card offence. When he told me what Hartley had actually said ( you’re a f***ing cheat) I had to agree with Barnes – a red card was the only available sanction.

Respect for the referee is a crucial part of our game and the example set by Barnes in this most important of club games sends a message to all how seriously respect is taken.

Let’s see what Judge Jeff Blackett’s opinion is when he oversees Hartley’s disciplinary hearing later this morning.

Follow the link to an article on ESPNscrum that sums it all up for me http://t.co/kMpn447Gul


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