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Don’t Push the Panic Button

IMGP1715The Six Nations is over for another year and I have had some time to digest the results and performances over the past seven weeks. What I found fascinating is how the press is so easy to praise and then condemn based on what happened in one game. After the first week England were Champions elect and Wales were no-hopers, but now Wales are hailed the masters of the Northern hemisphere while the England revival is seen as a false dawn.

Of course none of it was ever true. Wales lost eight games in a row before building up to their best performance in years in front of a vociferous and passionate crowd at the Millennium stadium, and it is less than four months since England swept away the World Champions in a glorious display.  What both teams are lacking is consistency and simply Wales got it all together at the right time.

P1070040A loss for England can only help in that they will learn from the experience and be better players and a better team.  There is no need to look for a change of directions and start pointing fingers at players.  Stuart Lancaster has transformed the attitude of the England players and our perception of them and they will start winning again.

Until then we will have to put up with the Welsh having the bragging rights.


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