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Another England loss in an Autumn International and another game they could and should have won.  A fortunate try for South Africa and two uncharacteristic penalty misses were the difference.  Should Robshaw have chosen to kick for goal with two minutes to go?  My view is that he gambled and he lost.

Lots of people more knowledgeable and better qualified than me have given their verdicts but it is worth having a read of The Great Gobbiero’s opinion at ‘A Little Bit of Perspective’.  This England team is still very much a work in progress.

IMGP0500IMGP0501There were a couple of moments before Saturday’s game against South Africa that stood out for me.  The decision to have the match day squad run out onto the Twickenham pitch with U12 players from their junior clubs meant that three youngsters from Eastern Counties were temporarily in the spotlight.  Rob and Oliver from Holt RFC and Jake from Cambridge RFC were the lucky players and I felt enormously proud of them and of course of Tom and Ben Youngs and Alex Goode.

The second moment was the national anthem.  Laura Wright sang God Save the Queen without accompaniment which had the effect of making the patriotic crowd sing even louder than usual.  It was surprisingly emotional and I saw more than a few former prop forwards around me shedding a tear while they sang as if their lives depended on it.  A great rendition which I hope is repeated this Saturday.

My pictures from the game


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