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Is this blog worth a couple of quid?

P1040377I started this blog at the beginning of 2011, almost two years ago, and readership has gradually built up to the point where I get around 1000 hits per months from people logging on to my ramblings about rugby.

I publish the blog because I enjoy writing, putting my thoughts down for posterity and keeping people informed about what is happening in the Eastern Counties and at the RFU. There have now been over 15,000 hits on the site and it is obvious that there are some people who like to read it for whatever purpose, even if it to sneer at the latest nonsense I have committed to the internet.

This is the month when Movember takes over and I, along with tens of thousands of others, have been growing a moustache with its associated discomfort and ridicule (see the article I wrote last year – Movember Misery) to raise funds for charity.

If you are a regular blog reader would you consider making a small donation to a very important cause in return for the few minutes of entertainment I might provide you with a couple of times a month?  I would be happy with as little as a pound which can be donated anonymously if you prefer.

Please go to http://mobro.co/andrewsarek and click on the Donate To Me button. Every penny will help fund prostate cancer research.

Thank you

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