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Nigeria loses, but Twitter wins!

vultuers%20flyer%201Social media is decried by many, mainly those who neither understand nor use it, but as a source of instant information it is difficult to beat, even if that information isn’t always 100% accurate.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup qualifying games are going on in Botswana this week and because of my links with Nigeria I am keen to see how they get on.  A website link to the games being streamed on the internet turned out to be wrong – it referred to the games played in Tunisia a week ago.  I had hoped that there would be someone at the game between Nigeria and Mauritius in Gabarone who would put the scores on Twitter or Facebook as they happened but I’m guessing that 3G mobile networks haven’t yet reached all parts of Botswana.

So I trawled Twitter for any mentions of Nigeria Rugby or Mauritius Rugby and first of all found a whole bunch of other people in the UK doing the same!  Eventually I came across a tweet from user @SibsMacd ‘Mauritius killing Nigeria, 10-0! #Rugby  I made contact with him and it turned out he was in Botswana watching it on local TV and he agreed to keep me updated.

twitterI sent a message on Twitter with the score and a fellow supporter @totti369 in London said that she came across @TheeSkinne who had tweeted ‘Nigeria 3 – 17 Mauritius, these is just not good. TF is wrong with Nigeria’  This guy was also watching Botswana TV so I spent the next 80 minutes waiting for score updates from these two impromptu reporters, forwarding on the scores to my own network.  My occasional impatience was a little unreasonable, as to get almost instant news of a rugby match played between two minor African rugby nations 6000 miles away is something that was impossible a few years ago and even now many find it hard to comprehend.

As the for game, Nigeria started badly as the two tweets above show, and it got worse as they fell 20-3 behind.  Two tries saw Nigeria narrow the gap to 23-15 but a Mauritius penalty extended the lead before Nigeria scored another try.  There must have been just a minute or two left as very soon after @TheeSkinne tweeted ‘yeah it’s game over Nigeria 22 – 26 Mauritius. They really made a great come back though’

A shame for the Nigeria team who probably would have benefited from some more game time together but finances dictated that couldn’t happen.  But a triumph for Twitter as without it I and other followers of Nigeria Rugby would have had to wait until the IRB web site was updated sometime tomorrow, and it this world of instant information and gratification that is no longer acceptable to the social media generation.

The next game is against Ivory Coast on Wednesday but I’ll leave the last word to the players who didn’t seem too downhearted as they posted their own post-match comments:

Michael Adeniya@michaeladeniya
Good effort from the lads today. Played a pretty well drilled Mauritius team. #ontothenextone #oneteamonedream xx

Temi Okenla@temiok
Thanks to everyone! Not the result we wanted. Lost 20-26 but team is already focused for Ivory coast on Wednesday. Dream is still alive!

Not.the result we wanted but great effort from the boys. Body in bits. #sore

CJ Osazuwa@CJOsazuwa
We lost 22-26 to Mauritius. First match together so expected. We played so well in the 2nd half which is really promising. #oneteamonedream

Nsa Harrison@JnrHarrison
Narrow defeat 22-26 to Mauritius, good comeback from 3-20 down at HT. Boys showed good spirit and looking to make amends on Wednesday.


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4 responses to “Nigeria loses, but Twitter wins!

  1. prince macho 22 July 2012 at 8:27 pm

    bravo to d nigerian rugby teàm,keep d fitness àlive the sky is ur limit,,,RUGBY NÀ EEH ,RUGBY NÀ OOH


  2. prince macho 22 July 2012 at 8:29 pm



  3. Mike Waplington 23 July 2012 at 6:51 am

    Trust you to insist on instant gratification!! Waiting until tomorrow wouldn’t have changed the score, Nigerian rugby, the weather, the cost of blue suede shoes or anything!! Be patient Brother Dom, be patient – otherwise you’ll end up being a patient in your place of work! Ask the doctors for some chill pills this morning!!!!


    • Andrew 23 July 2012 at 7:29 am

      The pace of life is so much faster down South compared to where you are!

      It’s not a good thing to want things instantly but when you are used to information being at your fingertips it is hard to accept that patience has its own rewards. The point of the article is that the information is there is you look hard enough.

      Go in peace my child.


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