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Letter from Nigeria–Washout!

2012-06-12 13.51.16It is nearing the end of the rainy season here and it is well named.  We started the day full of good intentions to visit a rugby session at Yaba secondary school with Roger Coombs in the afternoon after visiting a local market, but about 11am it started raining.  Not too heavily at first but by the time we emerged from lunch at a cafe in Victoria Island conditions had become monsoon-like.  Roads were flooding, the usually bad traffic was becoming gridlocked and Roger called to say that the coaching session had been cancelled.

2012-06-12 13.50.25The torrential rain continued unabated for another four hours before it settled to a steady downpour which carried on until the evening by which time it was too late to arrange anything.  However I have two full days of meetings, TV interviews and seminars on Wednesday and Thursday so a quiet day today is probably what is needed.

My previous article highlighted a couple of the problems of playing rugby in Nigeria, to which you can add the weather that sways between unbearably hot and and impossibly wet, but the potential for the game is huge.  Take a look at a post on another blog written by The Great Gobbiero (click to read) that makes the point very well.  If my few days here can help in any small way to realise that potential then my time will have been well spent.


One response to “Letter from Nigeria–Washout!

  1. Karen Hartley 15 June 2012 at 5:12 pm

    What a shame! still at least rain gets you back for the feeling of home – it pouring down here too. 😦


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