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Haverhill’s Neal puts Rugby first

Rugby Union is proud of its Core Values and it is always good to hear about examples of those values locally.  Eastern Counties received the following email last week from Clare Norfolk, Deputy Chair at Stowmarket RFC:

On the 26th February Haverhill minis and midis were due to visit Stowmarket. I spent the week liaising with the Under 9 coach Neal Denty informing him that we would be unable to provide a referee as our coach was unavailable that week and we could not find anyone else. Neal offered to ref the game. Unfortunately by the Thursday I then had to inform Neal that we only had 6 players available in this age group and so I felt obliged to cancel. Not only did Neal come along with his team but he took a training session at our ground for the group and then provided sufficient players for them to play a game.

I felt that this was something the RFU should be made aware of as it is the sort of behaviour that rugby should be proud of.

This demonstrated two of Rugby’s Core Values: Enjoyment and Sportsmanship.  Rather than call off a game, Neal was willing to help Stowmarket out by lending them players, refereeing the game, and before that running a coaching session for both squads, just so that the youngsters could enjoy a morning of rugby.

Haverhill & District RFC’s 1st XV play in the Suffolk Merit Table while Stowmarket play at Level 8.  Every club of whatever size or playing level has experienced player shortages from time to time, whether it is with a minis side or the 3rd XV adult side, and all too often the reaction is to call off.  Stowmarket and Haverhill, and Neal Denty in particular,  should both be congratulated for putting the players and the game first and I hope other clubs will follow their example.


One response to “Haverhill’s Neal puts Rugby first

  1. spike 20 March 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Brilliant. Fantastic example of everything good about our game.


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