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England v Wales: Pre-match passion

Stuart LancasterI have never looked looked forward to a game as much as tomorrow’s match at Twickenham.  The memories of the 2011 Rugby World Cup are fading away and a new cohort of young, talented and motivated players now carry a nation’s hopes forward to 2015.

I’ve just come away from today’s RFU Council meeting having had a presentation from England Coach Stuart Lancaster and he left nobody in the room in any doubt about how important the team ethos is to the players, and how proud they are to wear the red rose of England.

He has made me feel passionate about the national side again, and if he can do that to me and my RFU colleagues in the space of an hour, lord knows what the England players must feel about tomorrow’s game, the first this season at Twickenham, having been in camp the past week or so.

I will expand upon his presentation in a future article, but for now I can’t wait to see the England team run out onto the pitch tomorrow, to hear the reception the home crowd will give them, and to see how the players react to the support.

Bring it on!


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