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Pre-match letter from Rome–snow in the Eternal City

Snow has cancelled another weekend of rugby in Eastern Counties but in Rome, the heaviest snowfall for eight years has caused problems all over the city.  We arrived early on Friday morning as the snow fell and it was clear that the Romans have no idea how to deal with it.  Schools were closed as was the Coliseum, the police were out in force to make sure drivers drove slowly and the centre of Rome was very quiet. It meant it was a good day to do some sightseeing so we took in St Peter’s Square and the Basilica at the Vatican but at the cost of getting soaked on the way back to the hotel as the the snow turned into persistent rain. I’d had a draining week returning from Edinburgh at 5pm on Sunday only to leave at 7:30pm for three long days of meetings at Twickenham, getting back very late on Wednesday.  That, along with getting up at 3:15am to catch the early flight on Friday meant that I ducked out of the official RFU functions in the evening and went out with a group of friends to a restaurant in the Trastevere district that had been recommended to us.  We had a great evening at the Otello with wonderful Italian food the way it should be prepared and cooked, washed down with a few bottles of Chianti, but as it was very much in the back streets the walk to it was treacherous.  The roads were cobbled and the snow meant that they were more like large cubes of ice, so we traversed the 200 meters to and from the taxi rank very gingerly and somehow avoided ending up on the ground.  The usually bustling city was even quieter with few daring to venture out so it was a very quick journey back. IMGP6539This morning we awoke to find that snow had settled overnight and the city, beautiful at any time, had been made to look even more magical covered in white.  The U20s game against Italy at Rovigo was cancelled the night before and there is a concern that this afternoon’s game may be in jeopardy, but I understand the ground at the Olympic stadium has been covered and despite the temperature not getting much above freezing it should go ahead. I’ll be leaving for the ground at 1pm and 3G connections permitting I’ll be posting updates on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s hoping for a second Six Nations win for Stuart Lancaster and his new look England squad


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