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Review of Governance of the RFU

A review by Slaughter & May into the Governance of the RFU has been published and can be viewed by clicking this link: www.rfu.com/AboutTheRFU/Slaughter_May.aspx

IMGP2516It is a very long report running to 166 pages with 150 recommendations.  Many are to do with the relationships between the Board of Directors, the RFU Council and members of the RFU (including clubs), how people are appointed to their positions and how decisions are made.

Having read through the document a number of times and I would encourage anyone concerned about what the RFU does and how it does it to try to do the same, especially after the events of 2011.

To save you some time I can point you towards some recommendations that would impact directly on grass-roots clubs (I have included paragraph numbers for ease):

  • 3.4 The criteria for eligibility to join as a member club should be relaxed. In particular, there should be no requirement for a club to have fielded a senior adult XV. A modest level of participation in any form of adult rugby (including Touch, Tag, or Sevens) should suffice.
  • 3.5 Member clubs should be required to convert to a limited liability structure as a condition of membership, in order to protect their members from liability for the club’s debts. They should also be required to set out in their constitution a reasonable method for deciding how to exercise their votes as members of the RFU.
  • 3.11 The distinction between voting and non-voting membership should be abolished. There should be no ‘non-voting’ members of the RFU. Each member club should continue to have one vote.
    Paragraphs 4.1 to 4.57 deal with the rationale for the above recommendations
  • 3.14 Member clubs’ entitlement to apply for an allocation of Twickenham tickets should be phased out. See paragraphs 4.58 to 4.75 for the reasoning behind this.

There will be a full consultation on the review when all clubs will be able to make their views known.  Details will be made know in due course.  Meanwhile, if you have any questions or observations you are welcome email me at andrewsarek@therfu.com

I have arranged to come to forthcoming sub-county committee meetings to discuss the review with clubs:

  • Suffolk – 8pm Monday 9 January, Ipswich YM RFC
  • Cambridgeshire – 7:30pm Wednesday 11 January, Wisbech RFC
  • Norfolk – TBA

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