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RFU Cups – second round update

I wrote an article a month ago about the number of clubs supporting the RFU Cup competitions (How popular are the RFU Cups?) where I looked at how many clubs entered the Cups and how many called off their games.

A couple of weeks later I was talking to a Cambridgeshire Club member who rightly pointed out that many clubs that do enter and play value these games as they provide an opportunity to play clubs outside of your region.  He also said that these cup ties had fostered inter-club relationships with tours arranged between lower and youth sides.  I thought I would mention it in the interest of balance.  Comments are always welcome.

The second round of games took place and the stats are as follows:

  • In Eastern Counties 16 games were scheduled but 2 were called off
  • Across London & South East 55 games were scheduled and 16 (29%) were called off
  • Adding together first and second round games in London & South East a total 26 out of 93 (28%) games suffered from calls off, well over one game in four

The thirds round of games are next weekend when I would expect to see the percentage of call-offs to fall.


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