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Sportsmanship and doing the right thing

I was watching the Second Test between England and India today and I was delighted to see the Indian captain do the right thing in agreeing to withdraw an appeal when Ian Bell had been run out when all the players thought that play had finished for tea. 

I you aren’t aware of what happened below is an extract from the BBC Sport website:

Believing that a Morgan shot had gone for four, Bell (on 137) abandoned his crease and was chatting to his batting partner when Abhinav Mukund took the bails off. 

As the England pair headed for the pavilion, India appealed for a run out which was upheld by the umpires after TV replays.

With the crowd shouting their displeasure at the decision, the two teams held talks during the interval and India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni sportingly agreed to withdraw the appeal.

This reminded of an incident a few years ago in an Eastern Counties U17 Cup game between Colchester and Sudbury.  The game was about 10 minutes old and there had been no score when Colchester centre Ben Jones broke through and although the Sudbury full-back got a tackle in Jones’ momentum took him over the line and the referee awarded a try. 

The Sudbury players moved to go behind their posts and the Colchester team started to go to their own half when Ben went up to the referee to tell him that he had dropped the ball over the line.  The referee looked at him and almost incredulously asked him if he wasn’t claiming the try.  Ben confirmed that he hadn’t scored so the referee called the players back to restart with a defensive 5 metre scrum.

Nobody except Ben had realised that Ben had dropped the ball and his show of sportsmanship made the local papers and even got a mention in Rugby World. 

It is gratifying to see examples of this kind of honesty and integrity in sport, whether at grass roots or on the international stage.


One response to “Sportsmanship and doing the right thing

  1. Steve Russell 1 August 2011 at 5:40 am

    Nice to see some decent sportsmanship & civility. Hopefully, those executives at the RFU adopt similar attitudes !


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