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RFU Grand Draw 2010/11

Members of Eastern Counties Clubs did well in this season’s RFU Grand Draw winning 4 of the 40 prizes on offer, and Haverhill winning a club prize.

S Beeton of Sudbury RFC won the 7th prize of £500, R Banks of Norwich RFC won the 8th prize of a England shirt signed by the 2010/11 squad, the 11th prize of a Hospitality package for August’s England v Wales game was won by D Fox of Colchester RFC and the 29th prize of a Jeraboam of Bollinger Champagne went to D Ramsbottom of Lalenham-Hewett Ladies.  All prizes certainly worth having!

Haverhill & District RFC won a Playstation Rugby game in a draw for clubs.  The full list of prizewinners can be downloaded here 2011 Grand Draw winners.

This season clubs raised £455,000 making the total raised over £2.6m in the time the Grand Draw has been running.  It is a relatively easy way for clubs to raise funds as they keep the 90% of the money taken, giving 10% to the RFU to cover administration costs.  In 2009/10 Eastern Counties sold more tickets proportionately than any other county body and it is good to see so many prizes going to people in the area, a sure sign that ticket sales were strong again.


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