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Changing the Future of Rugby in England

Earlier this month, Chief Executive John Steele announced the first part of his reorganisation of the RFU.  An eight slide presentation has been produced that outlines the key changes and how he wants the organisation to look in the future Click here to view (PDF 2.79Mb)

This has come as a result of his listening to those involved in the game at all levels (he came to Eastern Counties in October), including players, coaches, referees and volunteers. They have told him that there are too many forms to fill in, too many processes to follow, the competition structures do not meet the needs of the game and RugbyFirst needs some attention.

The changes will be looking to enhance the quality of the rugby experience across the game, and to make the most of the opportunities presented by England hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2015. At the top end of the game, it is about creating the best environment for all England teams to perform.

John expects the process of getting the right people in place to take six to nine months during which time the game will be kept informed through various channels.

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One response to “Changing the Future of Rugby in England

  1. Chris Lomax 19 January 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Please, Please,Please can the RFU do more to get the game into the state schools, especially into the weaker rugby areas where the youth and adult pool of club players is dwindling,


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